GIK 242 Acoustic Panel - Merrick EJ048 - Grey - 600mm x 1200mm

242 Acoustic Panels- 600mm x 1200mm
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242 Acoustic Panels - 600mm x 1200mm


242 acoustic panels are an excellent choice for early reflection points, flutter echo, or general decay in a room. Every room has it’s own size and shape, so we have created 3 basic shapes for 242 panels, as well as custom sizes to fit your space.

Ideal in 2-channel listening rooms, recording studios, restaurants, home theaters, and sanctuaries.

242 acoustic panels are made with a rigid frame for easy hanging from a wall or ceiling, and includes an air gap for added absorption.



Rigid rock mineral wool core which provides twice the low end absorption over similar foam-based products

Optional built-in Scatter Plate  for an even balance of absorption, diffusion, and scattering.



67mm thick with a patented two-frame system including a rigid absorptive core and built-in air gap

Integrated back wire for easy hanging like a picture frame

Open back for sitting flush against a wall

Strong frame allows for free-standing integration with metal stands or boom stand brackets (boom stand not included) or to be hanging from a ceiling as a cloud ceiling.



Square/Narrow = 2kg

Rectangle = 4kg



1.05 (versus foam products where NRC = 0.4)



Class A fire ratedClick HERE for Fire Rating test results

Greensafe absorption material

LEED  certified Columbia Forest Products (made in the USA)

Purebond formaldehyde-free technology

Quality hand-made construction and craftsmanship


Suggested Placement

Install on a ceiling with optional Cloud Mounting Bracket© as a cloud ceiling in order to tame prime or secondary reflections

Mount at the primary and secondary reflection points on the walls

Open back not only allows absorption of lower frequencies with an air gap, but also to allow the panel to sit flush against the wall.

Straddling corners as free-standing panels with metal stands or boom stand brackets (boom stand not included)

Create an ArtPanel using the 242 by printing custom artwork


The GIK Acoustics 242 Acoustic Panel is a professionally constructed velocity absorber with a rigid core and is a broadband panel in nature – meaning they deal with the entire frequency range. 242 Acoustic Panels are made with GIK’s patented two-frame system allowing sound to be absorbed from the sides while maintaining a crisp, sharp edge. The 242 Acoustic Panel has a built-in air gap which not only increases low end absorption, but allows the panel to hang truly flush on the wall using an integrated wire on the back. Other acoustic panels are constructed as mere fabric wrapped over rigid rock mineral wool or a wooden frame which does not allow the proper space between the absorption materials and the wall and makes it nearly impossible to truly flush-mount.


The 242 Acoustic Panel is ideal when used in combination with other GIK Acoustics products. We recommend mounting GIK Acoustics Bass Traps in each corner and other low-end trouble spots. The 242 Acoustic Panel can be mounted at the primary and secondary reflection points on the walls and as a cloud on the ceiling. This combination is an effective way to fine-tune a room.




GIK Acoustics Overture Studio Straight on with acoustic panels behind speakers

Lost Ark Studio Acoustics using GIK Acoustics acoustic panels and bass traps in corners and ingenious recording studio design ideas of hanging guitars in front of panels

Recording Studio Acoustics using GIK Acoustics at Mike Evo's Studio by placing Acoustic panels behind the monitor and corner bass traps in front of the listening position to absorb low end and SBIR

GIK Acoustics acoustic Art Panel sound reducing noise absorbing panels

GIK Acoustics Abbey Road studios ceiling cloud 242 acoustic panel

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