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HiFi Turntable + Desktop Speakers
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AED 2,199
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HiFi Turntable + Desktop Speakers


Reloop Turn3 MK2 (


Reloop DSM-3 BT (



Premium HiFi-turntable with digital USB-Audio Interface


Quiet DC drive

The heart of the TURN 3 MK2 is a synchronous belt drive, powered by a low-vibration DC motor - motor noises are thus hardly perceptible.


Electronic speed control for 33, 45 & 78 rpm

The TURN 3 MK2 eliminates the need to change the drive belt. Depending on the choice of record, the desired speed can be conveniently set to 33, 45 or 78 RPM with the large speed control knob. Even shellac records can be played back when using a suitable pick-up system.


Revised tonearm construction

The redesigned tonearm, especially developed for the TURN 3 MK2, offers a remarkably good tracking performance for an outstanding sound experience.


Anti-skating wheel

The anti-skating adjustment of the tonearm can be conveniently set via a special wheel for perfect tracking adjustment.


Headshell connection

The headshell connection is equipped with a GM/SME mechanism. This allows the preferred headshells and systems to be individually mounted on the tonearm.


USB recording function

The integrated USB interface allows you to digitise your favourite records directly on PC/MAC in CD quality. Ideal for listening on the go or for archiving your cherished vinyl collection.


Semi-automatic stop

With the integrated semi-automatic control, the TURN 3 MK2 automatically stops at the end of a record. In addition, it is possible to deactivate the semi-automatic control in order to control the playback manually.


Shock-absorbing feet

Decoupled, shock-absorbing feet help to prevent any unwanted vibrations and guarantee a clean audio signal.


Precision-manufactured die-cast aluminium turntable

The turntable of the TURN 3 MK2 is made of a heavy aluminium die-cast construction, which provides a solid and consistent rotational performance. The heavy and precise fabrication also adds additional mass, helping to eliminate unwanted resonances for the best possible acoustic results.


Solid base with piano finish

The sturdy and solid MDF base, covered with a fine piano finish, ensures a detailed and warm sound image.


Immediate listening pleasure with hi-tech Ortofon cartridge

The TURN 3 MK2 is equipped with a pre-assembled, high-quality Ortofon 2M Red pick-up system.


Gold-plated connections

The gold-plated connections guarantee purest signal transmission and ensure maximum flexibility, all cables are detachable.


High-end pre-amplifier

Equipped with a high-end pre-amp, the Reloop TURN 3 MK2 can be easily and directly connected to an amplifier, even without a phono input. A separate pre-amplifier is thus not absolutely necessary.





The Reloop DSM-3 BT Smart Desktop Monitor system is the perfect solution for DJs and producers. Being so compact, it is ideal for small DJ setups and home studio environments. A powerful and balanced sound makes professional DJing and producing a real pleasure!



Developed especially for this purpose, the DSM-3 BT system can connect all your Bluetooth devices with clear audio quality and a rich sound. Regardless of whether you are using a tablet, smartphone, or computer – a foolproof connection means you can immediately enjoy listening to your productions and music in optimal quality.



The bass reflex design enables powerful bass and reduced air resistance. The optimised tweeters also provide a broad stereo sweet spot for producers. Last but not least, the built-in class A/B amplifiers deliver a clear, low-distortion and rich sound.



The sound of the DSM-3 BT can be perfectly adapted to every environment using the practical controls on the front. Controlling volume, bass/treble EQ, Bluetooth pairing or connecting headphones is all done with a single touch. As well as the RCA input on the rear providing further options for connecting DJ or production setups, there is also an additional mini jack for connecting an optional subwoofer.



The DSM-3 BT fits seamlessly into any environment with its classic and timeless design. The magnetically shielded drivers also ensure interference-free operation, even in close proximity to other equipment. Maximum stability as well as a powerful, clear sound thanks to the rugged, matt black surface and the curved edge design round off the smart, flexible system for DJs and producers.



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