About Us

Who are we?


We are a DJ Equipment and Nightclub Systems immersive Retail Shop and Web Store developed by DJs for DJs.
Established in 2021 in Dubai’s Al Quoz Industrial Area and Art District, our store has been designed with the needs of DJs first and foremost.

Our store features several demo DJ booths, hosting the latest in DJ technology and integrated with high grade monitoring speaker systems to enable DJs to truly experience the power of DJ gear. This means that all DJ equipment on display is active, and ready for you to try, test and really appreciate how the gear performs in a Live Nightclub environment.

Our main feature is our Nightclub DJ booth. Picture a state-of-the-art DJ booth that has been designed and manufactured for Nightclubs and Festivals, supported by two 18-inch subwoofers and two 12-inch speaker tops of the highest caliber for monitoring.  The Nightclub DJ Booth is backed by a powerful L-Acoustics sound system that includes two 21-inch subwoofers and two 15-inch speaker tops, directed towards the Listening Lounge to provide further listening experiences for guests and customers.

Most importantly, we are a hub for the community of DJs, Producers, Promoters and Music Lovers.
We are here to support, educate, supply and empower you on your journeys.

By DJs for DJs