NEO d+ RXM Class B 1.0m Cable

Premium Cable RCA Male to XLR Male 1m
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AED 107
AED 107 AED 142
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Premium Cable RCA Male to XLR Male

The new audio transmission technology for DJ, producer, musician, engineer, and everyone.


The pure transmission for all gears.
d+ series bring the highest quality and a cool design to any sound system like DJ setups, audio interfaces, speakers, mixers, effects, synthesizers and all other sound gear.
In planning the d+ series, we contemplated the best combination of materials and structure for today’s music and situations.
You may already have seen the d+ class B series somewhere. People who use our products have a desire to improve their sound and the cable’s transmission always influences the overall quality of their sound.
Many professionals are using the d+ series and you also can easily get the upgrade in sound quality that this series can bring to your sound system.



  1. The conductor of d+ class B is 18 AWG pure oxygen-free copper, designed to prevent signal loss and to bring a pure and dense signal on all sound systems. The flat architecture of the cable prevents signal distortion by the interference of conductor spacing.
  2. The soft PVC outer and the stereo split cable have a high degree of usability for cable connection.
  3. d+ class B is of similar quality to our high-end audio cables but the cost is lower to suit all sound creators.
STRUCTURE Flat (Inverted concentric structure)
CONDUCTOR 18AWG high purity oxygen-free copper
INSULATOR Polyolefin
TERMINAL RCA plug,1/4inch phone plug,1/4TRS plug,XLR plug (24Kgold-plated bronze alloy coating )