Transformerless FET Condenser Microphone
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AED 1,260
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Transformerless FET Condenser Microphone




Contemporary Version Of A Classic Sound

The WA-47jr is a contemporary multi-pattern, transformerless, FET condenser mic designed to deliver the sound profile of the coveted '47-style tube microphone at an unthinkable price. Like the original vintage U47 tube microphone, the 47jr features a proper large-diaphragm 34mm K-47-style capsule. This capsule is so revered for its ability to capture detail with analog depth, that it has been used as the basis for several ultra-unattainable microphone designs of the last half-century. Combining possibly the greatest condenser capsule of all time with our carefully crafted, modern circuit delivers that analog warmth and pristine detail for capturing everything from vocals to toms to acoustic guitar. With three polar patterns, a -10dB pad, and 70Hz Hi-Pass filter, the WA-47jr will easily become the most versatile mic in your locker.

Past, Meet Present

The WA-47jr is equally at home in a project studio, or in a world-class live room run by Grammy-nominated engineers. Achieving the sound profile of the WA-47jr requires honoring the past and embracing the present. The heart of the WA-47jr is the custom gold-sputtered, dual large-diaphragm, single backplate K47-style capsule. The premium Toshiba FETs in the WA-47jr allow even more top-end information compared to the original U47-style tube microphone, making the WA-47jr more pristine in the upper register. Boutique-grade polystyrene, Panasonic electrolytic, and WIMA film capacitors are used throughout the WA-47jr allowing for exceptional signal transfer throughout the microphone. Finally, the WA-47Jr wouldn’t be a Warm Audio product if it wasn’t a completely discrete signal path, no ICs here - just real-deal analog circuitry!

Adding to the WA-47jr’s versatility, the mic has three selectable polar patterns - cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-8. The directional patterns are often praised by engineers for offering elite rejection of unwanted noise. A switchable -10dB pad enables the WA-47jr to handle SPLs up to 157dB, making the 47jr a great choice for louder sources like toms, guitar cabs, and overheads. Engaging the 70 Hz Hi-Pass filter makes it easy to filter out unwanted low-end rumble at the source - a problem that so often makes mixing more challenging. The thorough R&D process for the WA-47Jr allows us to offer a microphone that meets the performance standards of world-class audio engineers at an unthinkable price.

Elite Versatility, Vintage Sound

Recording quality audio often means that different artists, songs, and parts require different treatment during the recording process.

The WA-47jr is a highly adaptable and versatile professional studio microphone. Whether it’s vocals, drums, guitar cabs, acoustic guitars, strings, overheads, horns, bass cabs, there’s likely a part out there where the WA-47jr will excel and bring the “sound in your head” to life. Here are just a few ways that engineers and artists have used the WA-47jr to achieve fantastic results.




The original 47-style tube microphone has been a timeless choice for capturing huge sounding vocals, so it’s not surprising that the WA-47jr is a fantastic choice as a versatile vocal mic that can deliver on a variety of vocal styles. The slight peaks right before 5kHz and after 10kHz give vocals recorded on the WA-47jr pleasing high end and a little extra radio-ready polish.


Drums - Toms


When we think of tom-toms, we usually think of dynamic microphones. Likely because they’re known for handling higher SPLs without issue and having excellent unwanted noise rejection. Several working engineers have used the WA-47jr on toms due to their ability to replicate those exact qualities (high SPLs and great peripheral noise rejection) but with the pristine detail of a multi-pattern condenser microphone.


Drums - Overheads


As overhead mics, a pair of WA-47jr’s is a lot like combining the best of both worlds. The rich depth of the K47-style capsule combined with the pristine top end from the FET circuit gives you a mic that captures brilliant cymbal sounds without sacrificing any detail recording the entire kit from above.


Acoustic Guitar Body

When choosing the right mic for acoustic guitar, it’s important to understand whether you are going for a darker tone, a brighter tone, fingerpicking, flatpicking, strumming, or mixed playing. The WA-47jr excels at combining the warmth and depth of vintage-voiced microphones with a little added air on the top end. This tends to work great when the desired guitar sound should be full-bodied with added presence on the top.

Premium Components - Elite Build Quality - Superior Sound

WA-47-B-50v Capsule

The WA-47-B-50v capsule is a true reproduction of the large, dual-diaphragm K47-style capsule and the same capsule in the award-winning WA-47 tube microphone. This capsule captures authentic analog detail across the 20Hz-20kHz frequency response. With the warmth of the capsule combined with extra top-end information from the FET, the WA-47jr will be right at home on many sources.


Toshiba Transistors & Premium Capacitors

The WA-47jr uses premium Toshiba transistors that deliver professional audio fidelity. The WIMA film capacitors and Panasonic electrolytic capacitors in the WA-47jr provide critical signal conversion, allowing the 47jr to get the full benefit of the K47-stye capsule with the added top-end boost from the Toshiba FETs.


Patterns, Pads, & Filters

The WA-47jr is a multi-pattern mic with available cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-8 patterns. A selectable -10dB pad allows the 47jr to handle SPLs up to 157dBs making capturing loud sources easy. Engaging the 70 Hz Hi-Pass filter helps filter unwanted bass rumble and noise at the source instead of playing with potentially tone-destructive EQ during the mixing process.


Authentic Appearance & Elite Build Quality

The WA-47jr is encased in an ultra-durable nickel-plated brass body. Every single WA-47jr is meticulously hand-inspected at Warm HQ in Austin,TX by real musicians and engineers with a passion for superior sound.

Technical Specifications

  • FET Transformerless '47 Style Condenser Microphone.

  • Custom True '47 Capsule Reproduction (K47 Style)
    Model# WA-47-B-80v.

  • Capsule Makeup: Gold Sputtered, Dual Large Diaphragm, Single Backplate, 6 Microns NOS Mylar (PET Film).

  • Polar Patterns: Cardioid, Figure-Of-Eight, And Omnidirectional.

  • Pad: -10db

  • High-Pass Filter: 70Hz

  • Self-Noise: 9dBA

  • Dynamic Range: 138dBA

  • Fully Discrete Signal Path, Toshiba FET’s, Wima Film Capacitors, Panasonic Electrolytic Capacitors

  • Maximum SPL: 147/157dB (@1kHz 1kOhms 0.5% THD, 0/-10dB)

  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz~20 KHz

  • Sensitivity: 10mV/Pa Or -40dB

  • Output Impedance: 100 Ohms

  • Rated Load Impedance: ≥1kOhms

  • Equivalent Noise: 10dBA (IEC651)

  • Total Weight: 1.1 Lbs

  • Mic Diameter: 52mm

  • Mic Length: 210mm

  • Includes: Shockmount, Hard Mount, Zipper Storage Pouch

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